12/26/17 – McAuliffe Scandal


Another green energy company scandal has erupted.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

GreenTech is an electric car company launched in 2011 with great fanfare by Bill and Hillary Clinton confidante Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe engineered financing from the State of Mississippi with a promise of creating thousands of jobs.

But GreenTech announced earlier this year it had shut-down its three-year old factory without having produced a single highway-capable car. The Mississippi Attorney-General is suing the company in an effort to recoup state money.  In 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission launched an  investigation of GreenTech.

McAuliffe resigned as GreenTech’s chairman before being elected Virginia’s governor four years ago. He claims none of this is his problem.

But he just got named in a lawsuit alleging he was running “a $120 million scam.”  Nearly three-dozen Chinese investors allege McAuliffe and Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, promised U.S. permanent residence visas to the Chinese investors and their families if they invested at least half-a-million dollars each in GreenTech.  The Chinese paid $18 million but the visas never came through.  Now, more than 30 Chinese families are facing deportation.

A Department of Homeland Security IG investigation found a senior DHS official improperly aided GreenTech in pursuing visas for unqualified foreigners.  But no legal action was taken.

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