1/19/16 Washington Post


Most journalists shy away from criticizing the children of politicians.  It’s an unwritten rule of journalistic ethics.  The Washington Post adheres to these rules.  Until it’s politically convenient to ignore them.

Let me explain.

The Post was hands-off toward JFK’s young children.  The kids of Camelot were not criticized.

LBJ’s kids were older and out of the house.  So were Nixon’s and Ford’s. Amy Carter was school-age when her dad became president.  And the Post steered clear of Amy.

Reagan and Bush 41 had grown children. 

Teenager Chelsea Clinton was off-limits.

Apparently, Chelsea has lifetime hands-off status at MSNBC, an ideological partner of the Washington Post.  Reporter David Shuster was suspended from the network in 2008.  His offense?  He criticized the then-28 year old’s campaigning on behalf of Hillary.

The Post had no problem criticizing the twin daughters of Bush 43.  They were college freshmen arrested for underage drinking.  But there was no criticism when college freshman Amy Carter was arrested.

The Post has not criticized the Obama girls. Nor should it.

But in 2005, the paper published a rather lengthy take-down of the 4 and 5 year old adopted children of John Roberts.   Bush 43 nominated Roberts to the Supreme Court.

And before Christmas, the Post published a cartoon depicting Senator Ted Cruz’s little girls as monkeys.

Yup.  The Washington Post won’t attack young kids.  Unless it’s good politics to do so. 
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