1/14/15 Criminalizing Speech


Throughout my life, I’ve inadvertently called a “ma’am” a “sir.”  And a “sir” a “ma’am.”  I’ve called my children by the wrong names.  A few times, I’ve called one or more of them Sophie.  Sophie’s the family dog.  Mistakes happen.  That’s life.

But make that mistake in New York City and you could be slapped with a $125,000 fine.  But only if the subject of the error is a transgender.  Or as city officials refer to them “gender non-conforming individuals.”

The New York City Commission on Human Rights has released guidance on gender identity.  It warns employers, landlords, business owners and even the general public they could face astronomical fines if they violate any of the commission’s political correctness rules.

If the commission deems your behavior is intentional then fines skyrocket to $250,000.

There’s more.

There’s no limit to the amount of compensatory damages the commission may force the offender to pay.

It’s not just for referring to a “him” as a “her”. Other violations include failing to allow transgenders to use whatever bathroom or locker room they choose.  Or for imposing office dress codes.  And not providing health benefits that cover gender-affirming care – whatever that is.

Each year, more people leave New York than move into the state. 

This may help explain why.

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