1/14/14 Quotas Over Cures


In the past century there have been some remarkable cures for disease.  Including diseases that shorten human life.  Such as chicken pox, diphtheria, malaria, measles, polio, streptococcus, tetanus, and typhoid fever.

It doesn’t matter who discovered those cures.

No one is concerned over who finds the next great cure.  Perhaps for cancer.  We just hope they find it.

I can’t imagine a single person has ever stopped a doctor from administering a life-saving procedure because they wanted to know invented it.

But over at the National Institutes of Health, they’re spending valuable time, money and resources on a workforce diversity campaign

NIH has launched a campaign for the recruitment and retention of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, people with disabilities, and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This is not isolated to just NIH.  The agency is offering federal grant money to institutions involved in biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and social science research.  You stroll down the politically correct path of achieving government-mandated diversity and you get to cash in.

Why not reward institutions that attract some of the best and brightest graduates from medical schools? 

And not fill their pockets with taxpayer dollars because their employees are a certain color, gender or ethnicity.  Or from a certain section of town.

Try telling those who have life-threatening diseases that quotas are more important than cures.

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