11/3/16 Customer Service


I’ve flown several hundred times on five different airlines in the last few years.  Without significant issues.  Until recently.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

A few weeks ago, I was on an American Airlines flight.  The passenger behind me shook my seat and struck me twice.  He demanded I raise my seatback.  I did so in order to avoid an altercation.  Flight attendants eventually moved him.  I registered a complaint with American.  And I’ve heard… nothing from them.

Last week, an obese man sat next to me on a full Delta flight.  He was partially on my seat.  His belly fell over the armrest.  My options were to deplane, miss my appointment and not know when I’d arrive at my destination.  Or suffer through the flight.

I registered a complaint with Delta.  They said it’s at the discretion of the obese if they want to pay for a second seat.  But why would they?  And what about my paying for one seat but getting part of one?  Delta said “sorry for the discomfort.”  Translation:  my problem, not theirs.

Must passengers pay extra for customer service on American and Delta like they do to check their bags?