1/13/15 Conflict of Interest


I mentioned a news story to a colleague from another media outlet.  He’d never heard of it.

How can this be, I asked?  The story was huge.

Last summer, more than 1,000 pages were released from a FOIA lawsuit.  While Hillary Clinton was the Secretary, the State Department approved more than 200 speeches given by Bill Clinton to several countries including China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Turkey.  Clinton’s speaking fees were an astonishing 48 million dollars!

When then-President-elect Barack Obama was negotiating with Hillary over the Secretary of State post Clinton promised there wouldn’t be even the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

215 times ethics determinations were made on Bill Clinton speaking engagements that netted millions from countries while his wife was running foreign policy.  Every single time the State Department found no potential conflict.  Hillary’s chief of staff was routinely copied on these determinations.

Most neutral observers would probably find some conflict of interest or possibly unethical behavior existed.

As to why this other journalist never heard of the story.  According to a Lexis-Nexis search, the total number of stories carried by the cable news channels, TV networks, major newspapers, and the Associated Press from last summer through December 31st is zero.

Only Behind the Headlines and two other media outlets reported on this bombshell development.

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