11/26/15 Honest Spending


Washington doesn’™t balance budgets.  The federal government has had only five balanced budgets in the past 50 years.  And none since the first year of George Bush’s presidency.

D.C. has had budget deficits when Republicans ran Washington.  When Democrats were in charge.  And with divided government.

Spending money the country can’t afford is good business. Political business, that is.

It used to be Washington would pass all 12 appropriations bills as stand-alone measures.  This allowed public scrutiny of what was in them.  Which House and Senate leaders of both parties don’t want.  Instead, most spending is rolled into one massive, omnibus spending bill.  Often put together days before a deadline.  Filled with pork and waste and back-scratching deals for both parties.

2002 was the last time all appropriations bills were separately passed.  That’s occurred only five other times in the last 25 years.

Most politicians in both parties campaign one way.  But govern another. Omnibus spending bills are the new norm.   A majority of both parties in Congress prefer it this way

Sadly, this will not change until there’€™s a tsunami at the polls and dozens of establishment Republicans and Democrats are defeated.  Hopefully, to be replaced by principled men and women who govern honestly and will spend the nation’€™s money responsibly.

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