11/25/14 Spending Madness


Hello.  I’m Mark Hyman.

Starting in January, the GOP will control both the House and the Senate. Republicans campaigned on the promise they’re more responsible on spending. 
It’s time to put-up.  Or shut-up.
In the last 50 years, Washington has balanced the federal budget only five times.  Those 45 years of overspending occurred when DC was Republican-led.  Democrat-led.  And with divided government.
The first step to fiscal sanity is to pass a budget.  The House has done this every year.  In four of the last six years, the Senate has refused to pass one.
The next step is to pass all 12 annual appropriations bills as stand-alone measures. This would allow for scrutiny of each bill.  But in 15 of the previous 20 years most spending was rolled into one massive, omnibus spending bill.
But if all 535 members of the House and Senate claim they oppose this then how does it happen?
It’s a big fake-out.  It’s Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football.
Spending money is how Washington politicians accrue power.  By passing an 11th hour, 2,000 page omnibus appropriations measure Republicans and Democrats can load it up with goodies for supporters.  That will escape scrutiny until after it becomes law.

Republicans under George Bush did this.  Democrats under Barack Obama did the same.
Let’s see if Republicans under Obama break this trend.

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