11/24/15 We’ve Met The Enemy


Many have been asking an important question in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. How do we stop a similar attack here at home?

The first step is to clearly identify the enemy.

That’s not something this administration appears willing to do.

In condemning the attacks, the president refused to identify the attackers as Muslim, Islamic or as jihadists.

Secretary of State John Kerry likewise refused to identify the perpetrators.

Last year, President Obama called ISIS the “jayvee team”€€ just weeks before it began slaughtering thousands to include beheading American hostages.  And only hours before the murderous rampage in Paris, Obama announced we’ve nothing to fear because ISIS had been “contained.”€

There’s more.  The FBI’€™s National Threat Assessment for Domestic Extremism makes no mention of Muslim terrorists, Islamic extremists or jihadists. But it does warn against Puerto Rican nationalists. Animal rights supporters.  And even environmentalists.  

It appears the FBI never heard of Nidal Hasan, the Muslim who killed 13 at Fort Hood, Texas [here, here, here].  Or the Tsarnaev brothers. The Muslim extremists behind the Boston Marathon bombing.

[Apparently, the FBI has no knowledge of Iyman Faris, the Pakistan-born American citizen who collaborated with 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to collapse the Brooklyn Bridge.]

The Department of Homeland Security has a threat document similar to the FBI’s.  It also excludes Islamic terrorism.  Instead it warns of a terror threat posed by supporters of the Second Amendment.

[Other progressives likewise have treated ISIS with kid gloves.  Only hours before the Islamic terror attacks in Paris, Facebook shut-down and then banned an independent group that was publicly identifying ISIS recruiters.]

So ask yourself. How can we stop a specific threat if we pretend it doesn’™t exist?

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