1/12/16 Gun Crimes


The other day, President Barack Obama announced new gun control measures to be implemented using executive orders.

Here’s the disconnect.

Days earlier, the President issued 97 pardons and commutations to felons.  The executive clemency wasn’t for excessive penalties for minor offenses or seemingly unjust convictions that are often the hallmark of other presidential pardons [here, here, here].

Nearly every lucky recipient was a drug felon.  And not ones caught with small amounts for personal use.  All but a handful were convicted of drug dealing.  Some were caught with amounts measured in kilos.  This is major drug trafficking.

There’s more.  Nearly one out of five was convicted of using firearms while engaged in drug trafficking.  Eighteen felons were convicted of 31 gun crimes.

President Obama has a serious contradiction on his hands.  He claims he wants to reduce gun crimes.  But he frees men who committed major felonies — drug trafficking — while using firearms.  It doesn’t make sense.

Recently, I told you about an illegal arms trafficker who bought and sold dozens of guns using a fake ID.  He faced 55 counts that could have landed him in jail for decades.  Instead, the Obama Justice Department offered the most incredible sweetheart plea deal.  In return for a single guilty plea, DOJ dismissed the remaining 54 counts and asked for just one year of probation.

This suggests the president has an agenda that has nothing to do with stopping gun crimes.

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(h/t Alexander McPhee)