11/20/12 The Shame of Sandy


Government officials in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina were criticized as incompetent.

We’ve now seen far worse in Hurricane Sandy.

President Obama’s appointment of HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan as “point person” for Sandy recovery acknowledges the failure of Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano. 

It was five days after Sandy struck before FEMA first solicited bids to purchase bottled water.  Isn’t bottled water the first thing you stockpile for an emergency?  FEMA sold its emergency shelters as the hurricane gathered strength.

Emergency generators sat unused in Central Park as Mayor Mike Bloomberg was saving them for the New York City marathon.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is responsible for the total failure of the Long Island Power Authority.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie posed for photos with Obama before Election Day.  Obama then showed his support by playing golf.  While bodies were still being recovered. 

Christie then appeared on Saturday Night Live.  New Jersey is suffering.  And Christie is playing funny man on TV. 

Thousands are homeless. About one-hundred thousand are without power.  Some are told to wait until Christmas.  Out-of-state utility workers were chased away (here, here) because they were non-union. 

There’s crime.  Chaos.  Food and gas shortages. Medical care is spotty. Meanwhile, the politicians are posing for photographs.