11/17/16 Nutella


Made from hazelnuts, cocoa and other ingredients, Nutella is a great sandwich spread. Not so fast, say the feds.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

There’s a regulatory skirmish involving Nutella. According to the manufacturer, three of four people spread Nutella on sandwiches or toast. But the Food & Drug Administration insists on calling the product a dessert topping. What difference does it make?

It all comes down to not what’s in the jar but what’s on the back of the jar.

Labeling is dictated by the FDA.

Consumers often look at the calories. The manufacturer is concerned some may be dissuaded from buying the spread when comparing calories with a similar product. But consumers less often look at the serving size.

The FDA says the serving size of a spread is one tablespoon. It’s two tablespoons for a dessert topping.

Classified as a dessert Nutella will have twice as many calories than if it’s called a spread.

It seems silly the FDA is arguing with the manufacturer over how Nutella is used. You can share your opinion with the FDA. Dessert topping or sandwich spread?

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