11/17/15 The Mexican Connection


The 1971 Oscar-winning film, The French Connection, portrayed the smuggling of Southeast Asian heroin through France and into the U.S.

This storyline is no longer true.  Only four percent of the heroin found in the U.S. originates in Southeast Asia.  The other 96 percent comes from south of the border.  Nearly all of it is the product of Mexican poppies.  A smidge comes from Colombia.

Heroin, once thought to be have been virtually wiped out from widespread usage, is now the number one drug threat according to federal, state and local authorities.

More than eight and half-thousand people died from heroin overdoses last year.  Double the number of deaths from 2011.

Heroin use and overdose deaths have reached epidemic proportions. In fact, overdose deaths from all drugs – legal and illegal – is the leading cause of injury deaths in America.   More than motor vehicle accidents and firearms-related deaths.   And the numbers are rising dramatically.

According to drug enforcement intelligence, there is a virtual superhighway leading from Mexico into the U.S. in which heroin is transported.  Our nation’s wide-open border practices are directly responsible for this health crisis.

Washington’s policy is to confiscate cigarette lighters and cuticle scissors from U.S. citizens boarding domestic flights.  Yet, officials step aside and allow tons of heroin to be imported over the Mexican border each year.

Something is seriously wrong.

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