11/15/16 D.C. Spending


It’s a fresh start in Washington come January.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

President-elect Donald Trump and a new Congress have a lot of work cut-out for them.  One of the first orders of business is to get the nation’s financial house in order.  But don’t automatically assume this will happen.

A Republican president and Republican majorities in the House and Senate don’t necessarily translate into more responsible spending.

Non-defense, discretionary spending grew faster under George W. Bush and the GOP Congress than it did under Bill Clinton.  Congressional Republicans talked a good game but spent taxpayer money like drunken sailors on liberty.  By the way, I’m retired Navy so I’m allowed to say that.

It’s gotten worse since then.  Washington’s spending practices were spectacularly stupid in the past eight years.  Who were the geniuses that thought-up the sequester?

To adopt responsible spending policies means everything is on the table.  There are no sacred cows.  Even defense.

There should be less spending.  And it should be more responsible.

The money belongs to the people.  They earned it.  Washington politicians must be better stewards of the nation’s finances then they’ve been in the last few decades.

Our future depends on it.

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