1/1/15 Kids and Marriage


It’€™s the Christmas season.   A time when families gather.  But an article out this week takes a shot at the traditional family.  The piece wants readers to know that a married couple living and raising children together is a relic of another era.

Now there are more non-traditional families today then decades ago.  But the article implies there are no substantial benefits to married adults raising their own children.

Nothing is further from the truth. 

When it comes to poverty and abuse, a child will more likely become a victim when raised by a single mother.  Put another way, the best situation for a child is when the married dad is living in the household.

Marriage is key. Cohabitating couples are twice as likely to split-up than a married couple would divorce.

Children who live with both biological parents do better in school, are less likely to live in poverty, use drugs and alcohol, get physically or sexually abused (here, here & here), become teen parents, get arrested, or commit suicide.  As adults, they will earn more than peers raised in single parent households.

While a free society does permit any imaginable combination of adults and children living together the best chance for success of a child comes from a traditional family structure.

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