11/13/14 Banning Argon


As any high school chemistry student knows, Argon is one of the six noble gases.  Noble gases are inert meaning they don’t readily form compounds with other elements.

Argon’s in the atmosphere.  We take it in with every breath.  Only Nitrogen and Oxygen are more plentiful.

So, it’s curious. Actually, it defies logic that the Environmental Protection Agency wants to ban it.

The EPA is proposing to ban Argon in pesticides.

You know when you get an over-the-counter medication.  And you look at the box.  And you see “Active Ingredients” and “Inactive Ingredients.” 

The active ingredients – it might be one or two – cure what ails you. 

The inactive ingredients are the stuff, the fillers.  They may be preservatives, add flavoring, or bind together the active ingredients.

For years, Argon was one of the inactive ingredients in pesticides.  It has no pesticidal effect.  But it adds to the solubility of pesticide allowing it to spread more evenly. 

It’s the filler, the stuff.

Eventually, it returns to the atmosphere.  Where the rest of the world’s Argon exists.

The EPA wants to ban Argon in pesticides. And get this.  According to many published reports, it’s no longer used in pesticides.

Doesn’t the EPA have anything better to do?

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