11/13/12 Boys Will Be Girls


One male student at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington has ignited a controversy in a female locker room.

The 45-year man, who calls himself Colleen Francis  has all of his original manufacturer’s parts.  So to speak.  Nothing’s been changed.  Except three years ago he declared himself a woman.

So now he uses the ladies’ locker room.  And showers.  And sauna.  Fully nude.

Local area swim teams with girls ages 6 to 18 also use the Evergreen pool.  And locker room.  And showers. 

When they complained about the nude man lying about the locker room they were told the school’s non-discrimination policy protects him.  As a self-identified transgender, he’s allowed to decide for himself which facilities – male or female – he gets to use.

The college claims a state non-discrimination law backs up its policy to allow all transgenders to use any facility.

Maybe a fraternity or the football team will announce they’re transgender so that they, too, can shower in the girls’ locker room.

60 miles down Interstate-5 at the University of Washington they’re having none of this nonsense. 

At the Q-Center  which is a “resource center dedicated to serving anyone with a gender or sexuality” – which includes everyone – they’re building a universal shower that anyone can use.