11/10/16 Clinton Foundation


Hello.  I’m Mark Hyman.

The election is over.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

It’s time to move forward.  But this doesn’t mean we shirk our responsibilities.

We learned a lot, courtesy of leaked emails.

It was revealed Clinton Foundation activities were sometimes not very charitable.  Oftentimes, foreign governments had to make donations to the Foundation in order to get an audience with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

It’s okay to become rich.  Even filthy rich.  But not while using public office.

And claims of charitable work beg scrutiny.  The two-billion dollar Clinton Foundation says its biggest success is Colombia.  So a veteran investigative journalist traveled there.  Ken Silverstein is no right-wing attack dog.  He’s worked at some of the most prominent liberal news outlets including Mother Jones, The Nation, Slate and NPR.

He interviewed more than 50 including individuals the Clinton Foundation identified as success stories.  These people tell a very different story.  There are claims of Clinton business partnerships taking advantage of campesinos – peasant farmers – and indigenous fisherman.  The allegations are explosive.  This may explain why major news organizations ignored the story.

I don’t have the time to lay-out the entire investigation. Read the lengthy expose yourself.  There’s a link on our website.

[Disclosure: Mark Hyman is a member of the Advisory Board of American Media Institute, which commissioned Ken Silverstein to conduct the investigation.]

It’s time to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

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