11/06/14 Suspicion Policy


There are a lot of bad guys out there.  But they don’t include all 315 million Americans.  So, why do government policies treat every single American as a potential threat?

This erosion of rights is whittling away at what it means to be an American.

Should a wounded soldier or breast cancer survivor really have to remove their prosthetics for inspection?

Sometimes it seems common sense has taken a holiday.

The latest example is over at Amtrak.

With the holidays approaching more people will travel by train.

But rail passengers are also viewed with deep suspicion.

Amtrak’s guidance for “suspicious criminal activity” includes:

– Carrying little or no luggage;
– Last minute reservation;
– Traveling by unusual itinerary;
– Carrying an unusually large amount of currency;
– Purchase of tickets in cash;
– Purchase of tickets immediately prior to boarding;
– Unusual nervousness of traveler;
– Unusual calmness of traveler;
– Looking around while making telephone calls; and
– Boarding before or after other passengers

This list covers just about every single person who has ever traveled by train.

Amtrak employees who observe these characteristics are required to immediately report the passenger to police.

Such deep-seated suspicion of all Americans no doubt has our nation’s founders rolling over in their graves.

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