11/02/12 Tasteless


One thing that becomes very apparent during an election year — especially a presidential election year — is the wide differences in opinions.

I’m a conservative.  I believe in smaller, less intrusive government.  Fiscal responsibility, lower taxation, reduced spending.  I believe in individual freedom and liberty.  I cherish the Constitution. [Watch this video regarding the steep challenges we face and that deeply worry all of us who are conservative.] 

Others differ.  They want bigger government. Equal outcomes even when there is unequal effort.  They want bureaucrats to make decisions for them.

While I don’t agree with their views I staunchly defend their right to say them. 

And then there are the crazies who are so far out of the mainstream they haven’t a clue.  I’m referring to MoveOn.org as an example.  I support their First Amendment rights even when what they say is reprehensible.

In 2004, it was their absolutely disgusting commercial comparing George Bush to Adolf Hitler.

[Segment on tape of MoveOn.Org commercial.]

In 2012, it’s their granny ad.  The one in which a 97-year old women drops the F-bomb.  Another elderly woman graphically threatens to punch a man in the groin.

It’s neither cute nor funny.  It’s tasteless.  And I can’t imagine it influencing a single undecided voter.