10/5/17 – Fact-Checkers


No one’s fact-checking the fact-checkers.  Except us.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

After 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, Congress passed two spending bills.  Congress suspended its rules to pass the second one.

What started out as emergency relief for Hurricane Sandy became Disaster Relief Appropriations.

By skipping the normal appropriations process, Congress could load the bill with billions in hand-outs not related to Sandy. Or not an emergency.

The annual appropriations process is the proper and transparent mechanism to review spending requests.

Recently, the Washington Post [here] and PolitiFact [here] claimed “virtually all” money was spent on Sandy relief.  In fact, billions were not for emergency relief. Or for Sandy.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development received 16 of the 51 billion from the 2nd bill. Here are just two examples of HUD spending.

63 million dollars was given to Chicago. To upgrade city sewer and water systems. Related to Sandy? Absolutely not.  And why does Washington pay for Chicago’s upgrades when you and your neighbors have to fund them in your community?

Springfield, Massachusetts got nearly 22 million dollars. To revitalize low-income neighborhoods. A very  noble goal.  But not Sandy.  Not an emergency.

Sadly, I could go on. 

This is the classic definition of pork-barrel spending.

47 states plus DC got money from a bill pitched as emergency Sandy relief spending.

On our website are two other segments [here, here] that show PolitiFact fabricating info and presenting false claims.

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