10/30/12 Terrorism at Ft. Hood


Three years ago, Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan walked into a Ft Hood personnel center. He twice yelled Allahu Akbar!  God is great! Then he began firing.

By the time he was stopped, Hasan had killed 12 soldiers. One of whom was pregnant. And one civilian.  He wounded dozens.

Hasan had exchanged about 20 emails with American-born Muslim cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki.  He sought the cleric’s guidance on how to go about killing Americans in the name of Islam.  It has all of the characteristics of Islamic terrorism.  Except one.

The Obama Administration has refused to label this terrorism.  Instead it is called “workplace violence.

[This is significant because a “workplace violence” designation does not allow the wounded to qualify for specific federal disability funds to which they would otherwise be entitled.  As victims of “workplace violence,” the military dead and wounded do not qualify for the Purple Heart medal nor do those who performed heroic actions qualify for medals of valor.]

This is surprising since the president personally approved the drone strike that killed the American cleric last year in Yemen.  Obama even ordered another drone strike that killed the cleric’s 16-year old American son. An event that was barely mentioned in the US press.

The US Army and the FBI knew in advance that Hasan was a ticking time-bomb.  But did nothing.  Questioning a Muslim who publicly called for violence against American soldiers is not politically correct.

More than 160 Ft Hood shooting victims and their family members have expressed their outrage at the Obama Administration.

You can find their powerful video on our website.