10/28/14 Election Day 2014


Most people welcome next week’s election if – for no other reason – it allows them to say good-bye to the political campaign season.

It appears the majority of Americans find the entire political process annoying – even distasteful.

The following is an example of what turns off people.

A Super PAC funded by millionaires to oppose Super PACs funded by millionaires.

The Mayday PAC is what’s referred to as a Super PAC – a political action committee that may raise unlimited amounts of money from donors including individuals, unions, associations and corporations.  Super PACs are not permitted to donate money directly to a candidate.

The Mayday PAC raised more than $10 million from donors – including millionaires – since it was formed last May.  That’s about $2 million per month.

Scour the Mayday PAC’s donor list.  There’s a link on our website.  Some of the biggest donors are the wealthy elite who gave millions of dollars to political groups during the 2012 election cycle.

So let’s recap.  The über wealthy who donate millions of dollars to political groups to influence election outcomes support a Super PAC that raises millions of dollars to oppose Super PACs that raise millions of dollars intended to influence election outcomes.

Next week can’t come fast enough.

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