10/27/15 Gun Laws


Every so often, Washington politicians debate whether to pass more gun laws.  Some argue this is the way to stop gun-related crimes.

But what about the existing laws?  What if federal authorities do a lackadaisical job of enforcing them?

Take the case of 24-year old Milwaukee, Wisconsin man Dontray Mills.  Over a 16-month period, Mills bought 27 firearms — mostly handguns — using a fake ID.  Then he illegally sold these weapons to others.

Unfortunately for Mills — but fortunately for the common good — he was caught.  Mills faced 55 charges for the illegal gun purchases and sales.

The Justice Department has guidelines recommending stiff penalties for those who fraudulently buy firearms.  Mills’ actions were the sort of thing President Barack Obama has been outspoken about.

But then, federal prosecutors offered Mills a sweetheart plea deal.  Plead guilty to a single count, prosecutors would drop the remaining 54 charges, and recommend no prison time.  Mills took the deal.  Just recently, he was sentenced.  He merely serves one year on probation and he’™s barred from legally owning firearms.  Which is ironic because he was arrested for illegally owning firearms.

[U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Randa, appointed to the bench in 1992 by President George H. W. Bush, handed-down the plea-deal sentence.]

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