10/27/11 Dress for Success


It used to be baggy. Pants and clothes bought 3 and 4 sizes too big, to what end I do not know.  It was then that if your pants didn’t have a belt they would sag off your bottom and you had to hold them up.

These days there is a whole different starting point but the end is just the same, no pun intended.

I see it all the time and it bothers me, the kids these days buy shirts that fit and pants that are too small so that they have to wear them with their bottoms exposed.  The difference being that they don’t have to walk around all day holding their waistband in order to keep their pants up.

Regardless, I don’t get it. Why would one want to walk around everyday showing their behind to the world on purpose?

Further these youth must know that if they even walk into a place of business to request a job application dressed this way their credibility will take a very strong and immediate hit.  Not for who they are but for what their dress code connotes.

We are often told not to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes you have to have a fancy cover in order to get the book read in the first place.