10/24/13 Kasich’s Medicaid Scheme


A few years ago, Ohio Governor John Kasich warned Ohioans Medicaid “costs only continue to increase — dramatically” and that “such runaway growth isn’t the hallmark of a compassionate society but of a neglectful one.”

It’s the state’s largest expenditure.

Today, he’s pushing for that dramatic growth he warned against.

[This is in spite of the worrisome reality that 28% of Ohio doctors are refusing to accept new Medicaid patients.]

ObamaCare mandated all states expand Medicaid.  But the Supreme Court struck down the Medicaid mandate as unconstitutional.

[A recent study released by the New England Journal of Medicine found that Medicaid coverage does not improve patient health.]

Kasich is plowing ahead.

However, the state legislature voted down his proposal. So he completely skipped the legislative process and approached the state’s Controlling Board comprised of 7-political appointees — which appears to be in violation of Ohio law.

Kasich won’t take no for an answer. 

[The Controlling Board approved Kasich’s request by a 5-2 margin.]

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, those who benefited when Tennessee expanded its Medicaid coverage last decade were: young, unmarried adults without children who were capable of working. 

Tennessee rolled back its expanded coverage a few years ago keeping those in poverty; poor, single parents with children; and the disabled fully protected. 

But something else happened: unemployment fell.  After losing free, taxpayer-funded health coverage, the able-bodied rejoined the workforce.

Kasich’s plan would provide an incentive for the young and healthy to not seek work and instead feed from the government trough.

Hes argued that other states are doing this and so should Ohio.  That’s like the passer-by justifying why he joined the crowd in looting the electronics store.

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