10/2/12 War on Islamic Fascism


Immediately after the 9/11 attacks I was among the supporters of a military response called the “War on Terrorism.”

Not long after, I dropped that support.  Not of the military response. But in calling this a “War on Terrorism.”

There is no war on terrorism. Any more than there is a war on suicide bombers.  Or snipers. Terrorism is a tactic.

One has to identify a problem before it can be solved.  And one has to identify the enemy before they can be defeated.

It wasn’t 19 Lutherans who flew airliners into skyscrapers. Nor was it Buddhists who chopped off the heads of Danny Pearl and Nick Berg [WARNING! Very Graphic!]. The underwear bomber wasn’t a Jew.  And Sikhs are not shooting our troops in Afghanistan.

I’m not saying all Muslims are evil. My friends who are Muslim know this.  But there are Islamic fascists whose goal is to wipe out all non-believers. They even behead children to achieve this.  Sadly, they exist in staggering numbers (here, here, & here).

Our government’s refusal to admit this (here, here, & here) — going back to 2001 — allowed our ambassador and staff to get slaughtered in Libya in spite of an avalanche of warnings. Blame lies in Washington[, DC].

We may never win this war if we don’t name it for what it is.