10/21/14 Campus Sex


Sexual assault on college campuses has led California to enact its “Yes means Yes” law.  It’s supposed to clarify what constitutes consent.  And what is assault.

Sex will be a component of college life as long as there are frisky, young adults in their late teens and early twenties with raging hormones living in close quarters.

Bu this doesn’t excuse bad behavior.  “No” will always mean “no.”

Complicating matters is the prevalence of alcohol that removes inhibitions and clouds judgment.

There may not be one solution to end all sexual assaults.  But are there logical steps that may be taken?  Consider this.

Since campuses are already sexually-charged atmospheres why would some colleges encourage or perhaps even glorify irresponsible sexual activity?

UCLA’s Campus Events Commission promotes what it calls “UCLA-themed sex positions” to help spice-up student sex life

Students at Johns Hopkins University held a “Shag Week” and a “Sex Fest” in the same year.

At Yale University a student workshop encouraged students to “reconsider their idea of ‘normal’” by suggesting prostitution and bestiality as legitimate sexual activities.

A fraternity at Drake University held a “Pigtails and Pedophiles” themed party.

During Brown University’s “Sex Week” celebration was an event titled “Fornication 101.”

An event perhaps outdone by another school’s [Harvard University] “What What (In the Butt): Anal Pleasure 101” program.

Free speech allows students to discuss these topics.  But why do some colleges support – especially financially – such events?

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