10/20/11 Solar Role Models?


The Obama Administration has doled out billions of dollars to solar companies owned by Obama fundraisers, political advisers and even a company belonging to Nancy Pelosi’s family. Now these companies are bankrupt. Or they’re teetering on insolvency.

In the search for positive environmental news, I visited Solar Decathlon 2011.  Recently held in Washington, DC.

The Department of Energy invited colleges to build model homes run by solar power. There were schools such as the Universities of Maryland, Illinois and Ohio State.  And others from Canada, China and Belgium.

There were all styles of solar-powered homes including one that looked like a large throw pillow.

Yet, all of these solar-powered homes had electricity running to them.  There were electrical boxes everywhere.  And there were gas powered-generators.  Everywhere.  Big and small.  To run lights, water … entire trailers.  Even the big welcome sign didn’t have a solar panel.  It ran off a golf cart battery.

The bicycle rack was virtually empty during lunch time.

At least they had bins to recycle bottles, cans and plastic.  Except the staff emptied them into the same black plastic trash bags and chucked them into a single trash truck. 

Maybe they’ll rip the bags open later and separate the recyclables from the trash.  Maybe.

Government is just as bad picking environmental winners and losers as it with everything else.  Costing taxpayers billions.