10/17/13 Rogue Agency


E-mails reveal a political operative at the IRS gave confidential taxpayer information to a senior White House official. This is a federal crime.

[New information has emerged that Sarah Hall Ingram a longtime political operative who ran the IRS office that targeted hundreds of conservative and Jewish groups gave confidential taxpayer information to a presidential adviser.]

[Ingram visited the Obama White House 165 times in just two years.  Records show 155 of those visits were with presidential assistant Jeanne Lambrew.]

However, bad behavior by IRS officials didnt begin during the Obama Administration.  I can tell you from personal experience.

Ive long been a critic of the IRS.  The tax code is 73,000 pages long.  Theres something wrong when everyday Americans must hire professionals to do their taxes.  Ive argued for a fairer, simpler system.  One in which you can file your return on a 3×5 card.

IRS officials obviously dont like to hear this kind of talk.  That no doubt explains why Ive been audited not once, not twice, but three times.  In a five-year period.  Twice during the Bush Administration.  Its not a pleasant experience.  In all three cases, I didnt owe any more money to the IRS.  Not one dollar.  Not one dime.

This year, Ive been critical of the IRS for targeting hundreds of conservative and Jewish groups (here, here, here, here, here).  Ive not been audited.  Yet.

But theres something new.  In spite of filing my 2012 return on time, I havent yet received my refund.  Normally, Id get it by June.  July, at the latest. Six months later — nothing.

After inquiring multiple times, Ive been told theyre still working on my return.

This is what happens when government gets too big.  And isnt held accountable.  The IRS targets critics it doesnt like.

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