10/14/14 Early Retirements


The catchphrase at the Transportation Security Administration might be “Hire and Retire.”

TSA is offering early retirement. Employees who don’t meet the minimums of age and length of service may still retire early and begin receiving a government pension.

Other employees may get early separation buy-outs. Up to $25,000.

Some employees get both.  A golden handshake.  Funded by taxpayers.

This round of early retirements is available through November.

Similar to a round the agency offered in 2013.  And 2011.  In between TSA increased its workforce by 1200.  Then there was a workforce reduction in 2009.  And … well, I could go on.

In fact, TSA offered its first buy-outs in 2004.  When the agency was only three-years old. 

When Congress created TSA in 2001, it federalized the nation’s 28,000 airport screeners [Public Law 107-71 on 11/19/2001; passed 100-0 in the Senate and 410-9 in the House].

One year later, TSA employed 64,000 people, including 45,000 screeners.

By the way, if an agency can hire 17,000 unauthorized screeners then the system is obviously broken.

The TSA has held steady at about 65,000 workers in spite of numerous early retirements and buy-outs over a decade.

But don’™t blame the workers.  Or TSA.  Blame Congress.  Whether Republican-controlled.  Democrat-controlled.  Or two-party controlled.  Congress has failed to execute proper oversight.

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