10/13/15 Government Armies


Over the years, I’ve given you countless examples of Washington bureaucrats out of control [here, here, here]. 

There was the case of Kenneth Wright.  In the pre-dawn hours, a SWAT team blew in his front door.  He was handcuffed in his underwear.  He and his children – ages 3, 9 and 11 — were dragged from their home.

His violent crime?  None actually.  Along with his estranged wife – who didn’t even live with them – he was accused of student loan fraud.  The SWAT team represented the U.S. Education Department.

Last year, a 6-vehicle convoy of armed federal agents raided the home of Bill & Jennifer Brinkley.  Their crime?  Their 30-year old SUV may have run afoul of emissions regulations.

Wright and the Brinkleys didn’t have criminal records.  Or were violent people. They were just like you. 

[Kenneth Wright later faced a 15-count indictment as an accomplice for student loan fraud.  He pled guilty to making a false statement during the course of the investigation.  He was ordered to serve probation.]

In both cases, Washington bureaucrats could have merely sent a letter.  â€œWhy don’t you swing by the office?  We have some concerns.”  Instead, they sent armed, federal agents. To conduct a raid.

Open the Books, a non-partisan watchdog group, has found more.  The EPA has a team of special agents.  Armed with military grade firepower.

The EPA.  Has it’s own little army.

Don’t get confused by sensational media reports. The violent crime rate in America as fallen dramatically.  Today, its less than half of what it was in 1994.

Washington bureaucrats must stop treating Americans as the enemy.

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