10/13/11 Family Matters


The disintegration of the traditional family unit is as destructive as anything that’s happened in our time.  More and more children are dropping out of school and having babies.

You want to know how to blow your future savings ?  Have a child before you’re ready.  This is what kids are doing nowadays with a devastating impact on their communities and the larger culture.

Babies are having babies.

These children lack the means to provide material support for their family…..Abuse and neglect follow.

Many children in abusive households go on to become violent abusers themselves. Countless others will simply never learn how to be responsible, loving parents.  The cycle of abuse and neglect will sew child welfare and self esteem issues into an entire generation of Americans.

We cannot pretend this is not happening. You must take responsibility for yourself.

Education is the single greatest instrument of personal empowerment. Do not have kids while you are in high school.

Do not drop out.  If you do, then more than likely you will be ruining your life, as well as that of your child.