09/24/13 The Gift of Marty


On Saturday, I was at a gathering.  Attendees had split-up into various groups.  There was conversation on a variety of topics. Yet, recurring themes were family, faith and friends.

One person was driving the discussion:  Martin Bodrog.

Martin wasn’t physically present.  Because this was a celebration of his life.   Marty was one of the 12 struck down by the Washington Navy Yard shooter.  

Id known Marty for 36 years.  Those of us who went to college with Marty gathered in our own group.

We admired the way Marty lived his life.  Committed to his family, faith and friendsDedicated to his job. Generous to his communityHumble about his accomplishments.

23-year old Isabel, the oldest of his three daughters, bravely delivered her remarks.  She remembered an occasion a few years back when her friends were sharing what annoyed them about their fathers. The only thing Isabel could come up with was she didn’t like Marty’s habit of wearing really short shorts.

As Marty’s classmates, our group includes many with notable accomplishments.  But Saturday was all about Marty.

It seems rather trite and cliche to talk about something good arising from an event so evil.  

But as our group gradually separated, many of us spoke of our renewed commitment to live our lives as Marty had.  

Marty would have liked that.

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