09/11/12 PC Cancer


Political correctness.  Comedians make jokes about it. Most people hate it.  The public suffers because of it.

Political correctness has made some words unacceptable such as ‘handicap.’  It would be incorrect to say, “Joe Biden is handicapped.”  The politically correct phrase is “Joe Biden is mentally disabled.”

Political correctness plagues all of society.  A recent survey has shown that just 26% of U.S. Army personnel believe the service is headed in the right direction.  ‘Political correctness’ was the second most frequent reason given for the Army on the wrong track.  Bad morale can quickly bring down an army.

Recently, the Justice Department sued Sacramento Public Library over a pilot program to loan out more than 300 Nook e-readers.  DOJ sued claiming discrimination because the library didn’t have a similar Braille or text-to-speech e-reader even though no such device has been mass-produced.

California libraries already have a talking books program for the blind.  But that’s not the sexy e-reader.

The suit was settled when Sacramento Public Library agreed to not buy any more $99 Nooks.  And instead buy just 18 text-to-speech devices costing up to $15,000 each.

Going forward, the e-reader program costs more money and has 94% fewer devices to lend. A solution DOJ has labeled a success.