09/08/11 Man vs. Wild


In southern Maryland, overlooking the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay with scenic vistas and abundant wildlife is Chesapeake Ranch Estates.

There are about 4,000 homes in this bayside community.  But nearly 100 homeowners are living a nightmare.  These folks live along the road Golden West Way about 100 feet above the bay.  About a quarter-mile of Golden West is now closed because it’s no longer safe.  Just like the homes along the road.

Many have watched their property collapse into the Chesapeake.  The beachfront below was labeled unsafe after a 12-year old girl was crushed under falling earth.  Yet, the federal government prohibits these homeowners from taking any action to save their property.  Or to protect human life.

This is because the cliffs are the natural habitat for the puritan tiger beetle.  It’s been labeled an endangered species.  Any action to shore up the cliffs — a relatively simple undertaking — would result in swift legal action.

Dozens of families are at risk.  Millions of dollars in property is now worthless.  Because the federal government has sided with 4,000 beetles.  Last month, $2.4 million was set aside to further preserve the beetle habitat.

Yet, human lives and property remain unprotected because bugs and plants must be preserved at any cost in order to enforce the Endangered Species Act.

Just another example of government run amuck.