09/04/12 United States vs. Gallup


On August 22nd, the Justice Department sued the Gallup polling company.  Actually, it joined a lawsuit filed by Michael Lindley.  Lindley filed suit right after he was fired from Gallup. 

[Reportedly, Lindley was a field organizer in Iowa for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008.]

Lindley claims Gallup had over-billed various federal agencies for polling services.  That federal offices such as the U.S. Mint, Passport Agency, Energy and others spent tens of millions of dollars on single-source, no-bid polling contracts is a conversation for another day.

Anyway, back to Lindley’s lawsuit.  DOJ joining an existing lawsuit is not unusual.  But joining one that is over three years old without new developments is rather odd.  Why did DOJ join at this time?

Consider this.  On August 17th, just days earlier, Gallup released its monthly unemployment report based on interviews of 30,000 adults.  The data shows a steep increase in the August jobless rate.

Gallup implied in its analysis that if the August unemployment rate announced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t have a “substantial” increase then someone is fiddling with the numbers.

Is the DOJ being used to silence media groups that hold the Obama Administration accountable?

We may soon know more.  The August unemployment numbers will be released on September 7th.