08/29/13 Voter ID


Once again the subject of election integrity is in the news.  One side wants to ensure only legally registered voters cast ballots in elections. 

The other side wants a system ripe for election fraud.

People opposed to secure elections absolutely hate proper identification because it stops election fraud. However, they claim voter ID requirements disenfranchise the elderly, minorities, and the poor.

In other words, they claim the elderly, minorities, and the poor are too stupid, incompetent or lazy to have proper ID. 

Lets examine a few everyday activities that require a valid ID.  In a swing state.  Florida.

You need proper ID to:

Apply for a Library card

Food Stamps

A Marriage license


Public benefits

Public housing


Unemployment benefits

To attend public high school

To buy a home



A SunPass


To cash a check

Drive a car

Enter a federal building

Enter a public school


Work as a licensed contractor

Pick up a prescription

Pick up mail at the Post Office

Purchase a firearm

Register children in public school

Rent a car

Serve on a jury

Write a check at the supermarket

Visit a prison inmate

Volunteer at a public school

And I could go on and on.

Even the elderly, minorities and the poor do these same things the rest of us do.  With proper ID.

Opponents of voter ID merely want to steal elections.

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