08/25/16 Snowflake Advice


Right now, millions of students are moving onto college campuses.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

I’ve got a message for certain students.

Listen-up closely, snowflake.  Yes, I’m talking to you.  You, the social justice warrior who whines for trigger warnings and safe spaces.

You’re entering adulthood.  It’s time you start acting like a grown-up. At one point you have to deal with the real world.

So start now.

Your demand to be warned before you hear something that triggers distress in you is ridiculous.  The real world can be harsh.

Your generation believes there are no boundaries when it comes to crude, foul and filthy language. Or there are no limits to blasting out videos marked Not Safe For Work.  Yet, you’re offended because a lecture on World History includes some unpleasant realities.  Deal with it.

And about that demand for a safe space. You have one. It’s not the entire campus.  It’s your dorm room.  Not grown-up enough to deal with the facts? Then hunker down in your room and SnapChat the day away with other social justice warriors.

College isn’t a babysitting service.  It’s time to grow-up, snowflake.

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