08/23/16 Where’s the Outrage?


Flood waters in Louisiana. The first time elicits media outrage.  The second time gets crickets.

Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.

I don’t spend much time pointing out just how biased the liberal media is.  But this one had to be addressed.

Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana in August 2005.  Flood waters struck again this month.  Dozens were killed.  Tens of thousands were left homeless.

The day after Katrina, President George Bush cut short his vacation.  He flew over New Orleans to view the damage. Then he walked among the devastation on the Gulf shores.  And the media erupted with criticism.  I’ll use just one outlet as an example: The New York Times.  This is because other news organizations follow its lead.  In the week after Katrina, the Times published more than 65 articles and editorials.  Two-thirds were critical of Bush.

But what a difference another president makes.  President Barack Obama didn’t visit Louisiana. Or fly over. He didn’t short-cut his vacation.  Or leave the golf course.  He had just completed his 300th round of golf as president.  Then played five more rounds.

[Five days after the flooding struck Louisiana, The Advocate published an editorial asking Obama to show concern for the state.  The next day, and six days after the flooding began, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards provided political cover to Obama by stating his presence wasn’t needed.]

There was no media outrage over Obama being AWOL.  The New York Times published just three articles.  None of them critical.

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