08/14/12 ATF Threats


Fast and Furious is the scandal in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms encouraged the illegal sale of thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels.  The guns disappeared into Mexico.

Two federal agents (here & here) were slain by these weapons.   According to Mexican officials, as many as 200 Mexican citizens have been killed.

This scandal has reached into the highest levels of the Obama Administration.  [Read the report on the investigation into ‘Fast & Furious’ here.]

Eric Holder is the first attorney-general in history to have been issued a contempt citation for refusing to cooperate in the investigation. The Justice Department has refused to enforce the citation.

We now know Holder lied before Congress in sworn testimony (here, here, here, here & here).  There’s even a White House cover-up.

There’s more. Recently, this station helped break the story in which the ATF director threatened agents.  It was ATF whistleblowers — acting in accordance with federal law — who reported Fast & Furious when their own agency ridiculed their concerns that lives could be lost.

Last month, in a videotaped message that was required viewing, [Acting] Director [B.] Todd Jones threatened agents there would be “consequences” to future whistleblowers who don’t “play by the rules.”

I urge you to watch the video on our website.  It’s chilling. It’s illegal. And you won’t hear about it anywhere else.