08/04/11 Wasteful Spending


Government spending.

Anyone who suggests Congress and the White House must make tough spending choices hasn’t been paying attention.  Government spends way too much money.  And spends it poorly.

For example: 

The Securities and Exchange Commission spent more than half a billion dollars on a 10-year lease for additional office space. It occupied only about a third; and admits it doesn’t even need that space.  It’s incurred another $94 million in expenses to lease the vacant space.

Toyota’s Prius Plug-in hybrid car – for sale next year – outperforms government-owned GM’s Volt by a wide margin.  At $26,000 it costs 2/3 the price of the $41,000 Volt.

A pair of Navy oil tankers built at a cost of more than $300 million, never finished, and never used are being cut-up for scrap.  And the U.S. gets nothing from the salvage.

The National Institutes of Health spent $9.4 million on penis-size research including one study on penis size of homosexuals.

$47 million from the Stimulus Bill was spent to wire seven homes in Montana with broadband service.

Government also wastes money on stupid regulations.

A stand-up paddleboard has now been classified by the Coast Guard as a vessel.  An operator must have a life jacket, whistle, distress whistle and navigation light.

It is time to starve the beast on the Potomac. 

All branches – including the Pentagon – should have spending drastically cut.