08/02/16 Benghazi Heroes


There’s a group of unsung heroes from the Benghazi attack. Who they are will shock you.


Here’s what’s happening behind the headlines.


Details are buried deep inside the just released Benghazi report.


While Washington officials were dithering, U.S. special operators took it upon themselves to fly to Benghazi on a rescue mission.  They literally hitched rides to the complex. Where an ambush was waiting.  They were outmanned. Outgunned.  Their transportation gone.  They were trapped.  This is where Glenn Doherty and Tyrone Woods were killed.


Then a heavily-armed, 50-vehicle convoy rescued them. These weren’t Libyan forces.  Or the National Police.  Or the Islamist militia the U.S. inexplicably hired for security.  They ran off. The group that saved American lives were Colonel Muammar Gadhafi loyalists.


They had every reason to ignore the slaughter of Americans. It was the U.S. that helped topple Gadhafi and made loyalists like them the targets of Islamic jihadists. But they – and not the Islamists with whom the U.S. was cozying up to – saved the trapped Americans.


It’s easy to understand why. These secular Libyans likely view the bigger, more dangerous threat to be the jihadists.


The people the U.S. helped put into power were out to kill us.  The people we deposed were the ones who rescued us.


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