07/28/11 The Value of Values


Why have Jews achieved so much while other groups facing similar conditions have failed to raise themselves out of poverty?

Jews share a deeply ingrained culture of achievement.  It doesn’t mean Jewish people are above the social ills that plague the rest of society.  Their timeless values drive their remarkable showing in every profession.

Conversely, it is the lack of values that drives the continued repression of America’s poor minorities.  The value of hard and honest work, education, and striving to create a better life for one’s family are considered inconsistent with their culture – a corrosive tendency that prevents meaningful contributions to our country.

Despite the passage of time and expansion of opportunity minorities still bear the spiritual wounds of their captivity.

It’s one thing to be bound together by a shared struggle that lends people strength in times of crisis,  but reveling in shared oppression only frustrates future progress.

I do not profess to have all of the answers to why there is such a disparity in achievement between ethnic groups in America.  But I know from my own experience that achievement starts with an aspiration to be great. And to do that, you have to let go of the past.