07/21/11 Debt Ceiling Debate


The world ends on August 2nd

That’s what Washington politicians want you to believe.  Supposedly, that’s the date America hits the national debt ceiling.  Previously, we were told the deadline was March 31st, April 15th, May 16th and May 31st.

It’s like the old joke.  A doctor gives a man six months to live.  The man tells the doctor he can’t pay his bill.  So the doctor gives him an additional six months to live.

It’s Washington gimmicks.

Most media equates the debt ceiling with automatic default.  Untrue. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner – the man who cheated on his taxes for years – is obligated to make debt payments.  And we have enough money to pay our debt. We default only if the White House orders us to default.

Now the White House argues we can’t afford our debt.  And we should take on more debt to pay off the debt we already can’t afford.  Got it?

A catastrophe does await our children and grandchildren.  We are saddling them with debt they can never hope to repay.

This is no time to compromise.  You compromise on china patterns. And on which movie to see.  You don’t compromise on principle. One side wants to live within our means.  The other side wants to spend us into bankruptcy.  You don’t meet in the middle and just wildly overspend.

Hold the line. Principled people shouldn’t allow this White House to turn our country into Zimbabwe.