06/30/11 Union Thugs


Aerospace company Boeing competes with European-owned Airbus in building and selling commercial jetliners. 

It is great for the U.S. economy – which is in terrible shape – when Boeing sells lots of planes.

Boeing has business operations in all 50 states including South Carolina where it expanded a facility to build the 787 Dreamliner.   More than 800 787s have been ordered worldwide.

Then the National Labor Relations Board brought everything to a halt.  The NLRB filed a lawsuit to stop the new plant.  The problem – according to the NLRB – is that South Carolina is a right-to-work state.  That means employees have a choice on whether or not to join a union.

The NLRB instead wants Boeing to build all 787s in Seattle.  Washington is a union shop state.  Workers can be forced to pay union dues even if they don’t want to join a union.

There was a time when union thugs used baseball bats and chains to get their way. Now, union thugs get a federal pension.  Because they run the NLRB.  And they are thugs.

There is no precedent in American history for this.  Even worse, the NLRB has its own court system with administrative law judges deciding cases. 

This scandal is another example of an out-of-control government that punishes businesses and workers in order to enrich union bosses.

Congress should defund the NLRB.