06/21/12 Nanny State Bureaucrats


Nanny-state bureaucrats believe people are too stupid to make their own decisions.

New York’€™s mayor wants a ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. Giant-sized fruit juices and milkshakes are okay.  For now.  So are refills.

The city wants to limit coffee drinks and popcorn. Salt.  And margarine use.  It has trans fats.  We went to margarine when nanny-state bureaucrats said butter made us fat.  There’s a ban [in San Francisco] on kids meals.  A war on fast-food toys [started by another New York City official, no less].

Now everything is labeled with calories and carbs.

So why are we getting fatter?  Maybe it’€™s the same nanny-state thinking that believes self-esteem is more important than personal responsibility.

You’€™re not fat.  Restaurants need bigger chairs.  Airlines should hand out seat belt extenders like packets of salted nuts.  Although both salt and nuts are now considered bad.

When we were kids we ate white bread, pasta, rice, baked potatoes.  Loaded with sour cream.  Real cheese.  Butter.  Lots of it. Ground meat with 20% fat.  We drank whole milk. Soda loaded with sugar.  Cupcakes and ice cream for dessert.

But we ran outside. Played tag, hide-and-seek and similar games.  Before the nanny-state said it was bad. Because there are winners.  And losers with hurt feelings. 

In fact, we were healthier before there were nanny-state bureaucrats.