06/19/12 End Government Intrusion


The Environmental Protection Agency is now using aircraft to snoop on cattle farmers in the Great Plains. 

I spoke of the EPA last year when it engaged in unconstitutional activity against Idaho homeowners.  Watch the video on our website [here].  The Supreme Court agreed with me in January when it ruled against the EPA.

The EPA is another example of government assuming an adversarial position with the public.  Government versus the people.

Kind of like the TSA humiliating cancer survivors.  And making wounded soldiers disassemble prosthetic limbs

[See these examples of TSA abuses: stolen passengers’ valuables, committed rape, groped women, humiliated breast cancer survivors, strip-searched infants, bullied the elderly, fondled genitals and disassembled prosthetic devices on wounded military and making flying America’s worst travel experience. Watch this video on TSA abuses.]

Going through airport security is TSA’s version of date-rape.

This assault on individual rights, liberties and freedoms has been occurring for decades. It picked up steam after 9/11.  And has snowballed in the last few years.

Look at our founding documents — especially the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  Our Founding Fathers declared that the people have unalienable rights – from God.  And government is given power by the people.

Big government types believe government holds all power.  And distributes privileges in very small amounts to the people.  In larger portions to their political supporters.

2012 is the year to make difference at the polls. Roll back big government.  End abusive government intrusion. Restore individual rights, liberties and freedoms.