06/16/11 Police Violence


At 6 am, Kenneth Wright walked to his front door just as it was smashed in.

Dressed only in underwear he was dragged outside, handcuffed and tossed into a police car with his three children ages 3, 9, & 11.  He sat there for six hours.

Wright had no criminal record. And he wasn’t even a suspect.

More than a dozen armed agents of the Department of Education were looking for his estranged wife.  They claim she committed student loan fraud.

A Tucson-area SWAT team broke down the front door of Jose Guerena and fired 71 rounds, killing him with 22 shots.  His wife and 4-year old son were nearby.

The police claim Guerena was a Mexican drug gang member who had a stash of drugs and money in his home. They say he shot first.

An investigation notes a nearby gun had never been fired and the safety was still on.  Nothing illegal was found in the home.

Guerena, who didn’t have a criminal record, was a Marine veteran who served two tours in Iraq.  He had just gotten home after a 12 hour shift working in a copper mine.

It’s time to end the abusive use of SWAT teams for non-violent crimes and vague allegations.

It’s gotten crazy. Even federal agencies have paramilitary organizations to police labor law violations and banking irregularities.

It’s time to put a stop to it.