06/14/12 Racist Book Signings


First Lady Michelle Obama is a racist.  According to Attorney-General Eric Holder.   Let me explain.

Holder has targeted any state that attempts to have clean and fair elections.  You can’€™t steal elections when they’re clean.

Recently, (the Department of Justice) demanded Florida halt cleaning voter rolls of foreigners, non-residents and the dead.  Florida is actually complying with state and federal law.  One sweep found 53,000 dead people registered to vote.  CBS News (WFOR-TV CBS 4) confirmed thousands of non-residents.

The most notorious voter suppression case occurred when baton-wielding, uniformed New Black Panthers acted menacingly (watch the VIDEO) toward white voters at a Philadelphia precinct in 2008.  A federal judgment had already been entered in early 2009 when Holder ordered DOJ to abandon the case.

(One of the New Black Panthers returned to the same polling location in 2010.)

Recently, a complete stranger was offered Holder’€™s ballot because DC doesn’t have a voter ID law.  Still Holder believes voter ID laws are racist because — he claims — many blacks and Hispanics don’t have photo IDs. 

This brings us to Michelle Obama’s recent book signing in Washington, DC.  In spite of elaborate security, customers were required to submit their Social Security number and a photo ID. 

Using Holder’s logic, Michelle Obama doesn’t want to sign books for blacks or Hispanics.

Perhaps the White House simply wants to use the private data for the reelection campaign.